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Kraken is a new site on the darknet, its history is only a few months old, while in such a short period of time the platform has gained great popularity, a huge number of visitors have registered, and the number of sellers reaches several thousand. This does not happen often, because as a rule it takes time to build up any resource, but this rule did not work with and that's why

The main advantages of the site, what is the secret of popularity?

To be frank, the explosive popularity of the KRAKEN was achieved not entirely by its own characteristics, but rather due to the events that occurred earlier. In 2022, the top darknet site Hydra was closed and the vacant place of the main marketplace was empty. When the KRAKEN appeared, everyone recognized it as the same hydra, but in a new guise. And everyone who used to buy on a three-headed one abruptly switched to That is why the KRAKEN gained its popularity so quickly. But it's worth noting that it was only a push, because if the resource does not live up to the expectations of users, then the audience would quickly come to naught. Kraken looks great in terms of design, it has easy navigation, good technical support. It is also worth noting favorable placement conditions for stores, the presence of their own services, a forum, and so on. All this together led to the fact that KRAKEN did in 6 months what other stores cannot achieve in years of work.